Program of WS 2009

The program will be split into a tutorial part and a research part. The tutorial part will consist of a series of lectures delivered by leading researchers from the field. The tutorials will focus on Forcing and it's applications and will be accessible to students and non-experts in the field. The research part will consist of presentations of research papers/problems from the area of General Topology, Set Theory, Measure theory and related fields. A list of participants is available here.

Tutorial track

chair: U. Abraham, P. Koszmider

Preliminary version of the accompanying text available for download here

The lectures in the tutorial track will focus on basics of forcing theory and its applications and will cover elementary as well as intermediate topics. Additionaly the tutorials will be accompanied by a downloadable introductory material covering basic prerequisites as well as extending the lectures with exercises and topics of additional interest. The lectures themselves will be tailored to the needs of the actual audience and there will be extra time devoted to answering questions from the audience. The lectures will be prepared and deliverd by a team of researchers lead by U. Abraham and P. Koszmider.

Research track

chair: B. Balcar, P. Simon

The research track will be devoted to the presentation of original research of the participants as well as surveys of recent topics in Set Theory, General & Set-Theoretic topology and Measure theory. Participants are encouraged to submit abstracts of talks to the organizers (either together with the registration or separately at a later date) which will be available for download from this website. Submitting an abstract beforehand is, however, not required for a presentation and last minute decisions to deliver a talk will also be accommodated.

Participants will have the oportunity to publish the presented papers in a special issue of the Acta Universitatis Carolinae journal after they have underwent the standard refereeing process.

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